Positioning Case Study

Planning Stage:

A company was in the process of launching a new product that offered few differentiated characteristics versus the competition.

Key questions: What positioning will clearly differentiate the brand from competitors, given that the product has few unique features? How do we position the product such that it will be compelling and credible across all of our distinct professional and consumer targets? How do we create an emotional connection with our targets, given that the product exists in a rather rational category?




  • Work session among stakeholders to review previous research and brainstorm positioning concepts
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews, post-workshop to identify needs and concerns

Insight Mining

Group sessions to determine underlying emotions, drivers and barriers across all targets, utilizing our proven projective techniques.

Platform Testing

  • Tested distinct positioning concepts—one message per execution
  • Used rich stimulus (text and images)
  • Used projective techniques to gauge emotional reactions
  • Evolved stimulus throughout fieldwork.

Insights and Outcomes:

  • Determined a highly unique and compelling positioning by associating it with an emotional end-benefit, rather than an undifferentiated product attribute.
  • Guided the development of a creative brief for future marketing communication development that included measures for success in positioning