Buying Process Case Study



A mature medication brand was suffering from a significant decline in market share and wished to update its knowledge of the competitive landscape.  Key questions included:  To what extent had the buying process evolved over the past few years?  Do we expect to see the market share for this product continue to decline?  What are the leverage points that impact physicians’ and patients’ selection of a medication in this category?  At which intersections in the buying process will the brand have the most opportunity to impact prescribing decisions?

Process: Designed to engage the team and leverage the knowledge of cross-functional stakeholders

Phase One:  Internal Interviews

  • Explored internal hypotheses regarding the brand’s key leverage points
  • Conducted an audit of previous market research

Phase Two:  Buying Process Fieldwork

  • Used chart pull exercises to validate responses
  • Explored reactions to client’s product and competitive pipeline products
  • Interviewed non-prescribers (patients, pharmacists, case manager, social worker,  etc.) to obtain a 360-degree view of the process


  • Interactive Team Synergy Workshops with stakeholders to facilitate the adoption of the findings across the company
  • Clear, detailed buying process schematics used across multiple functions in the company
  • Prioritization of key leverage points, with recommendations for where the brand should focus its efforts for maximum impact.