Objection Handling Case Study



A company was in the process of introducing a novel medication into the marketplace. Prior to the launch, the company was interested in identifying the target audience’s product concerns and objections and determining what “objection handling” options would most successfully address them.  Key questions:  What objections are most likely to be raised?  How will the competition respond to the product and its marketing communications?  What additional objections will be raised as a result of the competitor counter points? What objection handling measures must be taken to overcome objections?


Phase one:  Workshop

Conducted an internal Competitive Maneuvers workshop (wargaming) with stakeholders. The goal of was to assess market/competitive response and identify areas of opportunity and key vulnerabilities.

Phase Two:  Internal Stakeholder Interviews

Explored hypotheses generated from the wargaming workshop, gauged response to identified opportunities/ vulnerabilities and gathered objection handling hypotheses.

Phase Three: Objection Handling IDIs

  • Objection handling messages tested via in-person and web-assisted in-depth interviews.
  • Interviews mirrored a real-world sales situation and objection handling options were presented accordingly.


  • The insights gained from this research provided clear direction on how to address competitive messaging and known concerns about the medication and the company’s franchise.
  • The results of this study directly informed marketing communications efforts and sales training for the launch.