Web Development/Usability Case Study



A medication brand wished to redesign its branded medication website, as well as its and unbranded condition website. Key questions included:  How are patients currently using the web to find information on their condition and treatment?  How does their information seeking behavior intersect with their conversations with their physician?  What needs and desires do they have for a medication resource?  What other needs do they have for an unbranded, condition resource?

Process: Two phases, separated by a redesign of the sites

Phase One:  Developmental

  • Identify best practices from competitive sites, using a homework exercise
  • Build “ideal site”
  • Get reactions to current site to identify areas of improvement
  • Test preliminary concepts

Phase Two: Usability Testing

  • Test prototypes of the redesigned websites
  • Assess ease of use, navigation, tone, functionality, content and tools/features


  • A branded medication site that successfully encouraged patients to talk to their doctor about the medication
  • An unbranded site with appealing tools and features that engaged and educated patients