Providing the full range of methodologies

By employing both innovative and traditional techniques, we uncover the key insights you need to successfully market your brand.


Qualitative research is a thorough process. It starts with the formulation of clear objectives, then incorporates proven yet innovative methodologies. We engage participants with rich stimulus materials and creative techniques, and finish with insights that provide a solution to your marketing challenges.

Hybrid Qual-Quant

These medium base-size studies combine fluid, deep qualitative questioning with some quantitative elements such as attribute ratings. This methodology is appropriate when working with a limited respondent population size that precludes representative quantitative methodologies, and when it’s required to undergo deep probing of emotions, needs and perceptions.

Integrated Qual-Quant

Many of our projects require multiple phases of research, including both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Because of our partnerships with best-in-class quantitative researchers, we can create seamless, integrated qual-quant projects.


Our services extend beyond the U.S. We’re available to conduct research for companies with interests in Europe, Asia and South America. Learn more

Custom Methodologies and Techniques

We blend traditional and novel approaches to suit your objectives, timing and budget. See below for more information.

Traditional Methodologies

We still believe that sitting in a room, face-to-face with a respondent is often the optimal way to delve deeply into the questions at hand.  The insights gleaned from how something is said (body language and mood) are often more telling than what is said.

  • In-Person IDIs , dyads and groups
  • On-Site Interviews (executive’s/physician’s office, pharmacy)
  • Shop-a-longs/In-Home Ethnographies

Technology-Aided Innovative Techniques

More than ever, we include multidimensional approaches. However, this is not innovation for innovation’s sake.  We only include these approaches when we feel they will help us gather richer insights, broaden our target base, or increase client value by making research participation more meaningful and more convenient.

  • Web-Assisted Phone
  • Online Focus Groups, Communities and Bulletin Boards
  • Webcam/Self-Documentary
  • Blogs/Online Journals