Research Capabilities

We conduct research at each stage of the medication lifecycle.

Research Capabilities

Customer Understanding

By understanding customers at every stage of the product lifecycle, you can deliver a product with a compelling value proposition that meets your customers’ current, evolving and future needs. We design and implement studies that enlighten and direct your company on how to best leverage this deep customer understanding.

Communication Strategy

In order to develop a compelling communications strategy, you must first understand competitive perceptions and establish a clear competitive advantage. Let Sundial perform the research that will ultimately allow you to increase awareness and expand market share.

Marketing Communication Development

The communications strategy creates an understanding of how people perceive your brand; it also creates a true competitive advantage. But now you need to translate those findings into persuasive marketing communication materials. Our research informs the strategic and tactical development of various messaging platforms.

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Product Adoption

While your goals are product adoption and continued growth, you must also prepare for potential objections in order to create post-launch marketing strategies. We can guide you to the insights necessary to drive adoption and manage changes throughout the product lifecycle.

Providing the full range of methodologies

By employing both innovative and traditional techniques, we uncover the key insights you need to successfully market your brand.


Qualitative research is a thorough process. It starts with the formulation of clear objectives, then incorporates proven yet innovative methodologies. We engage participants with rich stimulus materials and creative techniques, and finish with insights that provide a solution to your marketing challenges.

Integrated Qual-Quant

Many of our projects require multiple phases of research, including both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Because of our partnerships with best-in-class quantitative researchers, we can create seamless, integrated qual-quant projects.

Hybrid Qual-Quant

These medium base-size studies combine fluid, deep qualitative questioning with some quantitative elements such as attribute ratings. This methodology is appropriate when working with a limited respondent population size that precludes representative quantitative methodologies, and when it’s required to undergo deep probing of emotions, needs and perceptions.


Our services extend beyond the U.S. We’re available to conduct research for companies with interests in Europe, Asia and South America.

Custom Methodologies

We blend traditional and novel approaches to suit your objectives, timing and budget. Methodologies include IDI, TDIs, dyads, groups, on-site interviews, community boards, shop-alongs, and in-home ethnographies, and self-documentary mobile studies.

Global Research

We specialize in conducting global market research to assist our clients in capturing the unique needs and nuances of a diverse marketplace. We have conducted dozens of global projects, including insight mining, customer journey, and marketing communications research.

Global Span

Sundial has recent experience in a variety of European countries (UK, DE, FR, ES, IT), as well as Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, and Brazil.

Flexible Methodologies

In-person and web-assisted capabilities as appropriate for the locale, target, and topic.

One Point of Contact

We handle all project coordination details to enable a smooth multi- country research experience.

Foreign Moderators

All of our partnering moderators are fully vetted for overall quality of moderating, reporting, and relevant experience.

1% to Charity

Sundial donates 1% of our annual profits to charitable causes.

Green Research Discount

We offer a 10% discount on market research projects for environmentally friendly products.

Pro Bono Research

We dedicate a portion of our time to projects for charitable organizations.