Drivers & Barriers

Business Challenge:

A biologic entered the market but was encountering very low use as a first-line agent. The client wished to understand the barriers to 1L use and how to overcome them.

  • What are the factors and attitudes currently determining their first line use?
  • What are the barriers to using the client product and how can these challenges be overcome?
  • To what extent is access and coverage a signficant obstacle?


Exploratory Interviews

Interviews were conducted with physicians and bio-coordinators to explore key challenges and barriers.

Support Program Testing

Follow up phase to test various concepts developed to address the barriers, including: Prior Auth Support, Market Access Specialists, Coupons, Patient Educational Materials, Sample Packs, etc.

Outcomes and Insights

  • Identified access and fulfillment as the key barrier to first line prescribing.
  • Uncovered support programs that would allow bio-coordinators to feel more confident in the fulfillment process.
  • Identified brand strengths (efficacy data points) that could be leveraged to motivate 1L use.