Kristin Simcox

Kristin Simcox

Vice President & Co-Founder
Strategic Lead

Kristin co-founded Sundial Market Research and serves as Strategic Lead for many key client partnerships.  Through her 20+ years in market research, she has developed deep expertise in qualitative moderating and strategic analysis.

Kristin has led the research process for dozens of medication launches, from assessing the treatment landscape (Buying Process & TPP testing) through developing the launch materials (Positioning, Concept Testing & Messaging).  As part of this process, she conducts highly strategic research to establish market and product opportunities among Patients and HCPs.  Particular areas of expertise include oncology, immunology, cardiology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and general internal medicine. 

Kristin is a highly skilled moderator and is well versed in using a mix of traditional approaches and projective techniques in a way that is both comfortable for the respondent and provides useful, actionable insights for the client.

Prior to founding Sundial, Kristin was a qualitative researcher at KBP, where she conducted pharma/biotech, as well as retail and technology market research.  Kristin received her degree from Duke University, where her Psychology degree included advanced coursework in statistics and research methodology.